Costa Rica FAQs

The FAQs section answers most questions you may have pertaining to your Costa Rica vacation, including cancellation policies, additional trip information, and what to expect.

What currency should I bring?

Shops and restaurants will be fine with US dollars in most places. But if you plan on paying with a Credit Card make sure you let your CC company know you will be traveling.

Are the itineraries exactly what we'll experience?

Yes, although, it is difficult to predict travel times in Costa Rica. The terrain, road-work, traffic, or a sloth crossing the road can cause delays.

What is the minimum age for participants?

We allow children 12 years and older to participate in our Costa Rica vacations.

Are meals included?

Yes, all meals are included throughout the trip.

What is your cancellation policy?

Front Royal Outdoors and our partners at the POC Lodge offer a shared cancellation policy. Please view it here!

Do you provide travel insurance?

Not at this time. However, if you reach out to us we can recommend a third party to provide you with this service.

Are flights included in the cost of the travel packages?

No. Flights from varying departure locations could not be accommodated within our packages.

Do we have to have to begin the trip in Virginia?

No. Your departure can originate anywhere in the world in order to reach San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) Airport on first day of your vacation.

Will snacks be provided throughout the trip?

Yes! We provide delicious snacks throughout each day if you get hungry.

How far away are we from medical facilities?

Varying from day to day, medical facilities are on average 90 minutes away. If you have a pre-existing condition or medical concern, please reach out to our travel experts to discuss your condition in more detail.

What immenitites are provided at the lodging locations?

Private bathrooms & private rooms are available to all guests at each accommodation throughout the trip.

Can we come if pregnant or have existing medical conditions?

Please discuss all medical conditions or pregnancies prior with a physician prior to booking your trip.

Are there many bugs?

There are bugs, but most guests don’t mind them. Insulation doesn’t exist in Costa Rica. Therefore, most places are open-air. For reference, bugs are worse in places like Florida.

What is the temperature like?

The evenings and mornings will be cooler than you’re expecting. Please pack accordingly. The fluctuation in temperature in the tropics is from day to night. Other than that the temperatures are similar all year round. While it doesn’t get cold it can bet in the high 60’s in the evening or early morning.

When does the sun rise and set?

Sunrise is 5:30 am and sunset is 6 pm. Costa Rica sits only 8 degrees above the equator so the sunrise and sunset is almost the same all year.

Do I need to tip throughout the vacation?

Tips are included in restaurants but tour guides are accustomed to being tipped. This is confusing. Restaurants already have 10% included. You are welcome to leave another 5% or 10% as we do in Virginia but locals just do the 10% already included. Tour guides working in the tourism industry do work for tips.

How is the wildlife experience?

Wildlife is small but it can get LOUD! The Rainforest has more species than anywhere else because they have mastered the idea of not being seen by predators. Your guides will be able to find wildlife but it’s not all out in the open like the African Savana. But don’t let this fool you. The Rainforest can get loud with howler monkeys and many different species. A bit louder than Virginia at night but it’s music to our ears!

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