The FAQs section answers most questions you may have pertaining to your river trip, including cancellation policies, online and phone reservations, waivers, and local attractions. It also includes a link to our photo gallery and links to more river information.

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Is there a lifeguard on duty by the river?

There are no lifeguards or safety personnel on the river. You are responsible for yourself and the group that you brought with you.

Are there any waivers I need to sign before I enjoy my trip or adventure?

All participants will be required to read and sign our liability waiver and assumption of risk form. All participants under the age of eighteen must have a parent or guardian sign the liability waiver and assumption of risk form.

How many people are able to be on each canoe, kayak, and raft?

For your protection, three is the maximum number of people per canoe (but two is recommended), one person per solo kayak, two people per tandem kayak, one person per tube, up to four people in 4-man rafts and up to six people in 6-man rafts.

What type of shoes or footwear do I need to wear on the river?

All guests must wear either shoes, water shoes or sandals with a heel strap. We do not allow flip-flops to be worn on any river trip.


Can I bring any alcohol on my kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or rafting trip?

Alcohol and watersports do not mix. Please refrain from bringing alcohol on any river trip. Anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is subject to arrest by state and local authorities.

What time do I need to arrive for my trip reservation?

Please arrive 30 minutes early for your reservations or guided tour. Late arrivals risk delayed shuttle service.

After you arrive at our office, be sure to observe all of the posted conditions:
  • Weather forecast
  • River level
  • River temperature
  • Paddling conditions
  • Watercraft return time
How does inclement weather affect my trip? Will I receive a refund?

We operate rain or shine! No refunds due to inclement weather on the day of your trip, however you can reschedule your trip to any available future date.

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