Maps of Shenandoah River

Shenandoah River Maps

The Shenandoah River is a unique river due to the fact that it flows from South to North. Front Royal Outdoors is located in the beautiful section of the South Fork of the Shenandoah which flows from Luray, VA to Front Royal, VA.

Our guests can choose between many different Shenandoah River trips in either the southern section (Luray to Bentonville) or the northern section (Bentonville to Front Royal). The Bentonville to Front Royal section has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its excellent fishing flowing by the Shenandoah River State Park and the ease of the trips that end at our base. Our Shenandoah River maps are provided in the links below: 

North Section (Bentonville to Front Royal): Mile 28-44

South Section (Luray to Bentonville): Mile 0-28

Know Where You’re Going And How To Be Safe

Front Royal Outdoors cares about the safety of you and your family, so we are always prepared to help educate you about river safety for the Shenandoah River. On this page, you will find tips to help make your outing safer, while also complying with the laws of Virginia and respecting the local residents who call the Shenandoah home. Prior to your trip, you will be given a detailed river briefing which will contain safety information. While on your trip, please refrain from littering, trespassing on private property, and public intoxication. Violators have been subject to penalties by local law enforcement.   

And for those who want to know before they go, check out our Shenandoah River conditions page for current temperature and conditions on the river.

Safety Concern How To Address
High Water and Strong Currents Muddy water, floating debris, and water into tree/bank line are dangerous. Check levels before launching.
Strainers and Sweepers Downed or fallen trees and instream objects are a serious threat. Keep clear of side channels and overhanging banks. Be alert!
Sharp Rocks and Uneven River Beds Uneven river bottoms create hydraulics and foot entrapment opportunities. Never attempt to stand in swift water.
Hydraulics Even small ledges, dams, and low water bridges create powerful hydraulics which can trap boaters and equipment. Know how to spot them and check with outfitters before launching.
Heat Exhaustion - Dehydration Often overlooked in warm weather. Keep well hydrated and protected from the sun. Sunburn is the #1 boating injury on the river.
Alcohol and Intoxicants Your life might depend on keeping a clear head. Save the drunken stupor for somewhere else. See the "ITS THE LAW" insert below.
Weather Changes in weather, cool days and thunderstorms, all create special problems. Be prepared by bringing rain gear and extra clothing in a waterproof container.

It’s The Law

Boating while intoxicated-(BWI)-is illegal. Consumption or display of alcohol at public boat launches and State Parks is strictly prohibited and heavily enforced. Don’t risk arrest!

It is illegal to be on the Shenandoah River without a life vest (PFD) of the proper size and good condition.

Littering in Virginia is illegal. Keep the river beautiful for others to enjoy and pack out all trash!

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