Shenandoah River Conditions

Current River Status

Last updated April 21, 2021

Front Royal Gauge Reading: 2.60 feet at the Front Royal Gauging Station
Cubic Feet per Second (CFS): 2060 CFS
River Level:

Normal Range - 2.3 to 2.99 on the Front Royal Gauge

Ideal paddling level, some rapids may be a little pushy! 2.3 to 2.99 feet on the Front Royal Gauge.

Morning River Temperature: 59 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Paddling Conditions: The river this morning is in the upper part of the Normal Range. For today (4/21), we are running canoes, kayaks & rafts. The water is still cool so proper clothing is a must. Dress in layers. Avoid cotton - wear wool or synthetic clothes. Wearing a ZIPPED UP LIFE VEST IS A MUST at all times while on the water is a must. Remember to bring plenty of drinking water, snacks, sunscreen, shoes that you can wear in the river, and a change of clothes. Remember to always wear your life vest!
We are so happy to have 2020 behind us and we look forward to an awesome 2021. We will still be operating with the same COVID-19 protocols as last year, with enhanced cleaning of all vehicles and equipment after each use and social distancing in the store and shuttles. We will also still require all guests to wear a face mask while in our store and in the shuttle vehicles.

Our online eCommerce store is open and we are shipping orders or making items available for in store pickup.
NOTE: Be advised that river conditions can change rapidly with sudden storms or heavy rain in the upper watershed. Also, water temperature can vary as much as six degrees or more in a single day.

Cubic Feet per Second (CFS)

Front Royal Gauge

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