Shenandoah River Conditions & Temperature

Current Shenandoah River Flows and Conditions

Learn more about the current Shenandoah River conditions and flows in our report below. We update this regularly throughout our Shenandoah River trip season, so keep an eye out for updates on what’s happening day-to-day on the river. If you have any questions about which trips or floats to do during your visit, please feel free to contact us!

Last updated July 22, 2024

River Gauge Readings: 1.02 feet inside the Front Royal gauge, mile 44
Cubic Feet per Second (CFS): 300 CFS
River Level:


Shorten up your trip. Paddlers will have to step out of their watercraft from time to time, but even at this level the river will still be quite enjoyable if you take your time. Below 1.19 feet on the Front Royal Gauge.

Morning River Temperature: 80 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Paddling Conditions: While the river is low, it is still very enjoyable if you change your expectations, take your time and select shorter trips. Canoes & solo kayaks are the best choice of watercraft at this level. Tandem kayaks & rafts are difficult in low water. Tube trips are taking 4 to 5 hours, with last shuttle at 11:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 pm on weekends. Please arrive early so you don't miss the last tubing shuttle. We are currently recommending trips 1 & 2 for paddling day trips. We will run trip 4 for those that want a VERY long trip. Recommended day fishing trips are #1 for later starts and #2 for early starts. Rafts are only running on trip 1 at this time. All State Park trips and trips 3 & 5 are shut down. Multi-day trips are strenuous & tough at this level and NOT RECOMMENDED until the water level improves, but we will still run a shortened version of trip 7, 2 days/1 night for those that want to torture themselves, so again, not recommended. Fisherman and those that just want to float along should select trip 1 so you can enjoy your time on the water and not be rushed to finish by closing time.
Remember to bring plenty of drinking water, snacks, sunscreen, shoes that you can wear in the river, and a change of clothes. Also. remember to always wear your life vest!

For canoe & kayak sales or to purchase other retail items, please stop by the store or visit our online store and we will ship your items to your house! Note: We do not ship canoes or kayaks, you must pick up boats at our office.

Our online eCommerce store is open and we are shipping orders or making items available for in store pickup.
NOTE: Be advised that river conditions can change rapidly with sudden storms or heavy rain in the upper watershed. Also, water temperature can vary as much as six degrees or more in a single day.

Cubic Feet per Second (CFS)

Front Royal Gauge

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Stay, play, and make a day of floating the Shenandoah River! Front Royal Outdoors is your premier outfitter for Shenandoah River adventures. Whether you’re looking for a short day, longer day, or multi-day river float, we have the perfect trip for you and your group. Choose from our various watercraft offerings to provide the best Shenandoah River experience.

Shenandoah River tubing is one of our most popular trips! A mellow float on a sunny day provides for a relaxing escape in nature. Dip your toes in the water and let the river take you from Karo Landing to our Front Royal Outdoors river headquarters. It’s just that easy!

We also accommodate guests on Shenandoah River kayaking, canoeing, rafting, SUP, and fishing adventures. These trips depart and end in various locations. You get to choose how long you float (as long as you are back before we close)! Where necessary, your shuttle is included in your booking. We can’t wait to see you on the river!

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Choose From Our Favorite Half Day Trips

3 Miles
3-4 Hours
Karo Landing to Front Royal Outdoors

The perfect group escape into nature! Enjoy this scenic and relaxing Shenandoah Tubing trip. Trip 1 floats from Karo Landing, river mile marker 37, downstream 3 miles to our base at Front Royal Outdoors, river mile marker 40. When booking your trip, remember to add on a cooler carrier for your cooler. When the sun is shining and the river current propels you, there’s no better way to spend a day.

Trip #2 All Watercraft

7 Miles
3-4 Hours
Karo Landing to Front Royal Landing

Most popular half-day trip! Float from Karo Landing, river mile marker 37, downstream 7 miles to Front Royal Landing, river mile marker 44. Along the way, you’ll encounter scenic views and enjoy the company of friends in nature. This experience has multiple launch times and fits in perfectly with many Shenandoah National Park hikes

Trip #1 All Watercraft

3 Miles
1-2 Hours
Karo Landing to Front Royal Outdoors

The most popular short trip including all of our paddlesports watercraft! Trip 1 floats from Karo Landing, downstream 3 miles to our base at Front Royal Outdoors. This easy river float is perfect for quick family excursions on the Shenandoah River.